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Birth Of the Church

On the 18th September 1988, Apostle Deo Balabyekubbo and Grivas K. Musisi with different heads of departments, entered into seven days of fasting and prayer, specifically for our church name. The Lord put a word in the spirit of Aps. Deo. Isaiah 56:7 " house shall be called a house of prayer for all people of all nations,” which he communicated to the saints of God and there was jubilation in the whole place for such wonderful news which led to the birth and name of Prayer Palace Christian Centre. Brothers and sisters, this is how Prayer Palace Christian Centre was birthed in 1988 with Apostle John Deo Balabyekubo as the founder and Grivas K. Musisi as the co-founder. Five years later Apostle Deo left for Canada for apostolic work, on his return he came with a word of revival across the nation, he proclaimed a fast. On his arrival from Canada, he proclaimed a fast and it was during this time of fasting and prayer that people experienced the power of God in a mighty way and because of his obedience, innumerable miracles took place such as medically documented cases of people infected with HIV/AIDS began to be miraculously healed.
Apostle Deo passed on in May 1995, and at the time of his death, he was married to Rev. Christine Balabyekubo and God blessed them with eight biological children. He was also a spiritual father to many. He left the ministry in the care and hands of Bishop Grivas K. Musisi as the overseer, whose associates are; Rev. Christine Balabyekubbo, Phenehance Lubega and other men and women of God who by faith have carried on this wonderful work of God to date.

Bishop Grivas Musisi

Our Vision | MATT 24:14

 To evangelize the whole world, establish worship centres, (church planting), train Gospel Ministers to go into the whole world and make disciples.

Awakening in Prayer

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