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International School Of Ministry (ISOM)

Bishop Grivas Musisi

Message from the principal ISOM Kampala

Nurturing the future generation of leaders and ministers of the gospel gives me immense pleasure and teaching the word of God has always given me a sense of fulfillment. The school has established a distinctive place with relentless pursuit to achieve the best in all spiritual and ministry spheres for it's students.

We have achieved so far and many more that we hope to achieve, couldn't have been possible without the concerted and willing co-operation of the devoted team of the teaching staff, under the guidance of our spiritual father Bishop Grivas K. Musisi, who found it necessary to establish a Bible school which produces well-balanced preachers in our generation.

Since its introduction at Prayer Palace Christian Centre, Kibuye, the first class began on 1st August 2007 and these were ministers. ISOM has trained and had four (4) consecutive Leaders and Ministers years of effective training. These years coupled with a strong management team at Prayer Palace where over 250 students graduated.

Objectives of International School of Ministry (ISOM) at Prayer Palace Christian Centre

Our core value is found in 2 Timothy 2:2…" And the instructions which you have heard from me among with many witnesses, transmit and entrust as a deposit to Reliable and Faithful men who will be competent and Qualified to teach others also".
Our objectives as ISOM, is to train and equip and teach those God has called, First in our Ministry so that together with the Bishop, his vision can come to pass.
To train and teach others so that their vision also can come to pass for the glory of God.


The Way Forward

On reflecting upon these first four years of ISOM – Prayer Palace Collaboration, we are astonished by the form that this school has taken in such a short period of time. Not only has there been substantial departmental growth, but a Christ-like ministry is being realized at each individual level. This transformation has been possible due to the boundless energy invested in by the students and the vision, direction of the leadership primarily at Prayer Palace Christian Centre; most of all the HOLY SPIRIT.

Our Vision | MATHEW 24:14

 To evangelize the whole world, establish worship centres, (church planting), train Gospel Ministers to go into the whole world and make disciples.

Awakening in Prayer

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